Everything YOU need to know about Microsoft’s new console the Xbox X Series – (aka Xbox Two aka project Scarlett) but officially announced as the X Series, in it’s new official trailer with it’s real specs, and gameplay.

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With the official launch of the new XBOX X series trailer from Microsoft there’s a lot that you can learn. Include gameplay, the developers vision, and how it plans to compete against the PS5. The tech giant has kept most of it’s secrets about the console fairly secret over the past 6 months, whereas the playstation team have launched non stop leaks. This news from the video game company seems to come at the exact right time that their competitor was looking to take a massive leap in momentum, just before the end of the year – actually before the end of the decade! With the xbox one, losing out to the ps4, is this enough to potentially set up the X series as the new console king?

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