Desura Digital Distribution
Also available on ShinyLoot
Also available on GamersGate

Skies is a shoot-em-up game, with boats flying in the sky and a strong flavour of adventure. Spoiler : the gameplay is inspired by Asteroids. It never gets old ! (or does it ?)

Mandatory USPs and features :

  • Three ships available
  • Dozens of enemies
  • Billions of cities to visit (around 20 actually, but that’s still quite a lot !)
  • Bosses !!!
  • Drugs !! Actually, it’s not really drugs because, you know, we can’t do that. It’s just a grey powder you can trade.
  • Tons of epicness !!!
  • Free extra exclamation marks !!!!!


Skies easily makes its way into my favorite indie games of the year so far – IndieGameMag



2 thoughts

    • Oh yeah it’s no longer supported, I think the last site it was on was Desura and it’s closed now. If you see this message, send a message to jerome.bodin at and I’ll figure something out

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