Helping Newbie’s Learn Everything About Nintendo!: How Does It Work?


  1. What Exactly Is Nintendo?
  2. Get Started With The Nintendo Switch!
  3. Get Friendly With The Game & It’s Procedure!
  4. What Are The Cost And Accessories For The Game?
  5. Nintendo Switch Online
  6. Common Games That Can Be Played With Nintendo Switch:

What Exactly Is Nintendo?

The Nintendo is a runaway success with an impressive roster of diverse games. If you’re looking to pick one up, here are some great tips to help get you started.

When the Nintendo Switch launched, its various fans and critics alike were impressed by its versatility. The console is exquisitely designed and crafted allowing players to enjoy games on the go in handheld mode or drop it into the dock to keep playing on the big screen. Backed by an ever-growing collection of games,  Nintendo switch in South Africa has also gained wide acceptance from every imaginable genre, it’s no wonder the console became an instant success.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Get Started With The Nintendo Switch!

The good news with setting up the console is super easy since a series of menus will guide you through the process, it will include everything ranging from creating a Nintendo account to helping you connect to the internet and activating parental controls. There are plenty of options that can be tweaked in the options menu after setup, need not fret if you decide you want to change something after the initial setup.

Another important thing to give praise for is, the console is very streamlined. Rather than plug in a bunch of extra bells and whistles, the menu is a pretty elegant collection of just a few icons. These games will take center stage and, just under that, you will be able to find access to things like the Nintendo eShop, a place to check out your captured images and videos along with power options and, of course, settings.

Get Started With The Nintendo Switch
Get Started With The Nintendo Switch

Get Friendly With The Game & It’s Procedure!

It can be easy to miss, but you’ll access your own profile simply by clicking the icon at the top left of the screen. Now you will be able to see how long you’ve been playing your individual games and manage your friend’s list. It also contains another friendly feature which helps you link your switch to your Facebook account, the console can automatically suggest friends from your existing list of pals through the social network. While the Switch features a bunch of buttons and inputs you’re likely familiar with at this point, there’s a button on the left Joy-con that’s new to the console. The Nintendo Switch allows players to easily save and share their special moments in-game, which is the handy-go-to feature. While you’re playing, you can simply press the Capture button to take a picture of whatever is being displayed on the screen just like a screenshot and at that moment, if you hold the button for a bit, it will instead save a recording of the last 30 seconds of gameplay.

From the main menu, if you click on the Gallery icon at the bottom of the screen, you can check out your captured images and videos, edit them and, if you’ve linked your console to Facebook or Twitter, share them with social media.

Game & It’s Procedure
Game & It’s Procedure

What Are The Cost And Accessories For The Game?

If we talk about the Nintendo Switch price in South Africa, it will set you back  to R4500, which is non-negotiable, but there are a few accessories we’d recommend you at least consider picking up alongside the console such as:

  •  Set of Joy-Cons will set you back at a much cost, but we’d recommend you get a Switch Pro controller for lesser instead.
  • The Pro controller is similar to a standard game console controller and, combined with the Joy-Cons which you already got with the Switch, the Pro will give you yet another way to enjoy your games.Accessories For The GameAccessories For The Game

Every gamer be a newbie or one who already has laid their hands on, tend to have a handy and important thing and that one is a microSD card. One of the Switch’s only major design flaws contains that it doesn’t have much on-board hard drive space. It roughly contains 30GB of space available will fill up quickly, even if you aren’t buying a bunch of digital games. But need not to think twice as you can select and easily pick up a 128GB microSD card, and we recommend you get one that’s at least that big and have it ready to go right when you buy the console. You can go bigger, obviously, but only if you expect to download a bunch of games.

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo Switch Online

If you don’t plan on playing Nintendo Switch games online, then you can probably skip a subscription to its online service. It offers a handful of other perks that you might consider worth the additional investment. The subscription might allow you to back up your saves to cloud storage, grants access to the Switch’s mobile app and subscribers will occasionally gain access to exclusive offers and discounts.

Common Games That Can Be Played With Nintendo Switch:

Now that you’ve got your switch set up well, it’s time to actually play some games. The good news is that the console already has an impressive library of titles, with games coming from every genre imaginable. If you like epic adventures, you can check the library out!

Common Games That Can Be Played With Nintendo Switch
Common Games That Can Be Played With Nintendo Switch
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If you’re looking for classic Nintendo adventuring on the go The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild should be the first game you pick up for the Switch. It’s absolutely considered to be great and evolves the series in fun and unexpected ways.

  • Super Mario Odyssey

Mario’s biggest and most diverse adventure to date, Super Mario Odyssey is packed with fun and lively worlds to explore and secrets hidden around every corner. You can explore with plenty of options that you can enjoy if you just want to run and jump around, with even more adventures waiting for dedicated gamers who want to keep on digging. The core objectives are light and family-friendly, with plenty of extra challenges bolted on for those who want to put their platforming skills to the test.

  • Splatoon 2

It turns out that Nintendo has an ability to make any genre PG, including third-person shooters. Splatoon 2 is all about having fun in lively worlds full of vivid colors, even if you like to play competitively, join friends in cooperative missions or tackle a bunch of players with extensive challenges, that will put your trigger finger to the test in an adventure that trades bullets for splashes of paint.


Nintendo Switch: A Newbie’s Guide