PlayStation 5 | 15 Things You Should Know About the Future of Gaming (PS5)

The PlayStation 5 is almost here! I’ve compiled everything you need to know about the future of gaming. I couldn’t help myself so I included concept art! The look of the PS5 is yet to be confirmed.

Let’s start with reassurances to PS4 gamers. Sony’s PS4 love is staying / Backwards compatibility cross generation / PS4 and PS5 will have cross save / Physical disks / 2nd hand gaming / ray tracing / additional power / SSD / 3D sound / Load times / dynamic loading / new audio tracing / 8k supprt / 4k real / 120 frames per second / playstation now / VR gaming / stadia / streaming / release date / colour / price point / exclusives

Artwork and concepts –, ZoneofTech, Concept creator, signature dumary, shigeryu