PS5 vs Xbox Two: Battle Of The Decade

Everything YOU need to know about the new console’s from Sony (PS5) and Microsoft (Xbox Two, AKA X series, aka project scarlett). With Patent leaks, controller designs, ssd’s and the x series release trailer, this is the biggest video game story yet!

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Consoles are machines that you play videogames on, yes. But, more importantly, they’re things to argue about. And with a new generation of consoles releasing at the exact same time late next year, we will have plenty to argue about. We thought that we’d start the debate a little early.

Although the Xbox Project Scarlett and PS5 have more similarities than differences, there are some things that set them apart.

First and foremost is VR. In the past few months, Sony has been applying for patents like it’s going out of style. And those patents have leaked. They describe a little robot companion who will film you as you walk around in circles, waving controllers in your living room, and insert you into a multiplayer world for of other goggled players. Xbox is not going to have VR.

But the Project Scarlett will have tons of exclusive games and, maybe the most powerful console ever.

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