Restoring the original PlayStation (PS1) – Vintage Console restoration & repair

I wanted to restore a PlayStation 1 for my next console restoration / repair. I got this forgotten Playstation from person who told me it started having issues and then it was stored in a shed collecting dirt and dust, but hopefully not rust.

This time I didn’t dare to test it before cleaning the worst dirt off because ti could cause it to short of maybe scratch my games as they are spinning in the drive. however I was full of hope as from what I understood and the owner remembered this could be a simple fix. After everything was apart I was happy that there was no bad corrosion, however the way the mod chip was installed made my cry inside. The RF shield looked like the chip was installed by the Hulk himself. Nothing was soldered underneath it so there was literally no reason to bend it. And there was always the option of removing the RF shield which took probably 2 minutes. I bet this person keeps their phone in same pocket with their keys… Enough complaining.. I washed all the “waterproof” parts with soapy water and parts that don’t like water I cleaned with compressed air and when necessary with alcohol.

After cleaning everything up I put everything back together and tested if the playstation still worked. I did, kind of. The games were not loading and if they were they got stuck to loading windows etc. At this point I was pretty sure the issues was with the disc drive. The question was can I repair it or do I need a new one. This is a common issue with PS1. The sled on the drive that reads the disc runs out of oil and gets stuck causing issues. Sometimes the sled also wear the tracks down ruining the drive so that it needs replacing. Another way to test for drive issues is to use the playstation upside down, If it works it’s definitely a disc drive issue.

I also wanted to remove the mod chip. I can always reinstall it. But for the purposes of the video (restoration) it makes sense to remove it. I also wanted to fix the damaged RF shield as much as possible I got it pretty good bu hammering it on flat piece of metal. Something like this can never be completely fixed because bending the metal will stretch it making it impossible to get the part 100% flat but I got pretty close so I’m very happy. After all it will be hidden inside the case.

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