These are the 10 best Steam games of the moment (2019). If you are a follower of this platform, then you should not miss these video games.

This is an underwater exploration and adventure game developed by Unknown Worlds, creator of the well-known Natural Selection 2.
Subnautica creates a deep immersion level for the player, which is why it has become successful, since the curiosity to uncover new creatures will make you want to stay submerged in the ocean longer, or rather—in from of your screen.

-Far cry 5
The latest installment of this franchise comes via Steam.
The game places you in Hope County, Montana, where you can go and enjoy the beautiful scenery, something that is far from the violence and darkness of the already known Far cry.

Join Madeline is on a journey filled with adventures to the top of a mysterious mountain called Celeste, while trying to survive the demons inside her that get stronger as she gets closer to the top.

Before starting explaining this game, it is necessary to clarify that it is meant for people over 18 due to the suggestive images it has. Now, let’s get started.

-Marie’s room
Imagine that you enter one of your best friend’s rooms, what do you think you’d find? That’s what Marie’s room is all about, an exploration game in which you’ll play a girl named Kelsey, who hasn’t seen her friend Marie for 20 long years.

It is inspired by video games such as Doom, Quake, Blood, Heretic, Hexen, Half-Life and Redneck Rampage. If you have played any of these, you will undoubtedly know what Dusk is about.

-The Forest
With The Forest you’ll immerse yourself into a world of adventures in which, after surviving a terrible plane crash, you must go across this dark mystery-filled forest, inhabited by a strange race of mutant cannibals.

-Beat saber
What stands out in this game is its accessibility: in just a matter of seconds, you’ll understand what its’ about and start having fun. This doesn’t mean it is a simple game, you must strive to move forward and clear levels – remember practice makes perfect.

-Monster hunter: World
In this action game you’ll have to put your hunting skills to the test and become the best. Fight against dangerous monsters in a totally new ecosystem, you’ll be able to use everything in your environment to win, fight or even appropriate and use your enemies’ weapons to capture the strongest beasts.

This is an action game inspired by the player vs player battles, so it is 100% recommended for those who like League of Legends, Super Smash Brothers or Warcraft.

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