Everything YOU need to know about Microsoft’s new console the Xbox two (aka xbox scarlett aka xbox infinite) vs the old xbox one, and what’s going to be different.

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It’s finally time gamers — the next generation of consoles has arrived. While Sony and Google focus on their own releases, Microsoft is hard at work preparing the next Xbox. Whether you call it Xbox Scarlett or simply Xbox Two is completely up to you, but either way, the new console is coming in the fall of 2020. But what will we expect when the console arrives? And how exactly does it compare to the beast known as the Xbox One?

For years, the Xbox One has delivered on performance and the ability to showcase some truly high-quality games. But can the console continue down this path when the Xbox Two gets released? And will the newest console even be called the Xbox Two? Only time will tell. Either way, by the end of this video, you will see exactly why the next version of the Xbox is going to make the Xbox One pretty much obsolete — and for those still clinging to the Xbox 360, it’s time for an upgrade already!